n. ascensiune, urcuş, urcare, asentiment, deal


I sincerely hope that both the European Union and SMEs will bring the European economy to a new ascent, and that in the future, we will be better prepared to face any new crisis.
Sper cu sinceritate că atât Uniunea Europeană, cât și IMM-urile vor aduce economia europeană la un nivel ascendent și că, în viitor, vom fi mai bine pregătiți pentru a face față oricărei noi crize.
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the act of changing location in an upward direction: move, soar, heave, mount, rise, zoom, ascending, motion, heaving, ascension, climb, levitation, movement
a movement upward: change of location, upthrust, heaving, rising, takeoff, ascension, uplift, heave, rapid growth, mounting, travel, rapid climb, elevation, rise, lift, climbing, raising, uplifting, upthrow, zoom, liftoff, climb, upheaval
an upward slope or grade (as in a road): slope, acclivity, upgrade, raise, rise, uphill, climb, side, incline

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