s. intento, ensayo, prueba, tentativa
v. probar, examinar, poner a prueba, tantear; someter a juicio, enjuiciar, juzgar; intentar, ensayar, intentar lograr; hacer un intento, hacer un esfuerzo, tratar; torturar, causar tormento; degustar


My mother encouraged me to try new things.
Mi madre me alienta a probar cosas nuevas.
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Try not to throw plenty of water to the plants.
Procura no echarles mucha agua a las plantas.
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I tried to stop but the car skidded in the snow.
Intenté frenar pero el carro derrapó por la nieve.
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Are you trying to make me finish painting the house all by myself?
¿Pretendes que termine de pintar yo sola la casa?
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We tried the food prepared by granma.
Probamos la comida que preparó la abuela.
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Try to arrive early at tomorrow meeting.
Procura llegar temprano a la junta de mañana.
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He tried to bribe the teacher for approval.
Intentó sobornar al profesor para que lo aprobara.
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I try to visualize all the possible causes of the problem.
Intento visualizar todas las posibles causas del problema.
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Be sure to rest. After giving birth, try to rest so that your body and mind can rejuvenate. Limit the number of visitors during the first few days following the delivery, and use the time to strengthen the mother-child bond.
Guarde reposo. Luego de dar a luz trate de descansar para que su cuerpo y mente se repongan. Limite el número de visitas durante los días siguientes al parto y aproveche ese tiempo para fortalecer el vínculo madre-hijo.
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Careful, do not go and try that!
¡Cuidado, no vayas a probar eso!
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1. test: check, examine, prove, investigate
2. attempt: endeavour, strive, assay, offer, essay, seek
3. refine: extract, distil, melt, render
4. judge: decide, hear, examine, referee

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